Northern Grapes News, Vol 3, Issue 3, September 2, 2014


-Northern Grape-omics: The Fruit Composition Team is Unraveling Grape Flavors
-Understanding the Travel Behaviors of Wine Tourists in Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula
-Northern Grapes & NE1020 Cultivar Tasting
-NGP Team Profile: Tim Martinson
-NGP Team Profile: Chrislyn Particka
-Training Systems for Grapevines



Northern Grapes News, Vol 3, Issue 2, June 19, 2014


-Managing Winter-Injured Vines
-NGP Profile: Miguel Gomez
-2012 Michigan Tasting Room Research – A Series
Issue #4, The Impact of Tasting Room Fees on Wine Purchases
-Northern Grapes Project Funding Update
-Equipment for Small Wineries




Northern Grapes News, Vol 3, Issue 1, February 28, 2014

2014FebruaryNGPnewsletter Page 1

-Using Enological Tannin Additions to Enhance Red Wine Structure and Mouthfeel
-NGP Team Profile: Anne Fennell
-NGP Team Profile: Rhoda Burrows
-NGP Team Profile: Harlene Hatterman-Valenti
-Assessing the Nutrient Status of Cold-Hardy Wine Grapes
-2012 Michigan Wine Tasting Room Reesarch: A Series.  Issue #3, Awareness and Perceptions of Cold Hardy Grape Wines



Northern Grapes News, Vol 2, Issue 4, November 26, 2013

2013NovemberNGPnewsletter PAGE 1
-Using Selected Yeast Strains to Reduce Wine Total Acidity
 -Funding and the Future of the Northern Grapes Project
 -NGP Team Profile: Bill Gartner
 -2012 Michigan Wine Tasting Room Research – A Series:
Issue #2, Tasting Room Visitors’ Wine Purchase & Consumption




Northern Grapes News, Vol 2, Issue 3 August 28, 2013

2013AugustNGPnewsletterTHUMB-Necessary Evil:  Chemical Deacidification for High Acid Wines
-The National Clean Plant Network for Grapes – What is it doing for you?
-NGP Team Profile: Paul Domoto
-NGP Team Profile: Murli Dharmadhikari
-2012 Michigan Tasting Room Research – A Series.  Issue #1, Wine Tasting Room Visitors’ Behaviors and Visit History



Northern Grapes News Vol 2, Issue 2 June 4, 2013

2013June THUMB-Insights from the Northern Grapes Project Baseline Survey
-NGP Team Profile: Jim Luby
-NGP Team Profile: Peter Hemstad
-The Disease Management Puzzle:  Putting the Pieces Together
-Development of New Cold-Hardy Grape Cultivars at the University of Minnesota




Northern Grapes News Vol 2, Issue 1 February 12, 2013

 -Herbicide Drift — A Strong Defense is Your Best Offense
-NGP Team Profile: Patricia McManus
-NGP Team Profile: Rebecca Harbut
-VitisGen: Mapping the Way to the Next Generation of Grapes
-Farming for Flavors: Understanding Genetics Underlying Maturity and Flavor Development
-Upcoming Events



Northern Grapes News Vol 1, Issue 4 November 30, 2012

2012NovNGPnewsletterTHUMB-Viticulture 2013 and the Northern Grapes Symposium
-Funding for the Northern Grapes Project: Beyond Year Two
-Viewpoints: Crop research will wither if farm bill fails to pass
-Harvest Wrap Up: Notes from Across the “Northern Grapes” States
-NGP Team Profile: Bill Nail
-NGP Team Profile: Lorraine Berkett
-NGP Team Profile: Sonia Scholemann
-Upcoming Events

Northern Grapes News Vol 1, Issue 3 August 17, 2012

2012 Aug 15 Newsletter THUMB-Understanding the Ripening Chemistry of Cold-Hardy Wine Grapes to Predict Optimal Harvest Time
-In the News: Michigan Wine Competition Results Announced, Emerging “Super-Hardy” Varieties Earn Awards
-eViticulture and the Northern Grapes Project
-NGP Team Profile: Don Holecek
-NGP Team Profile: Dan McCole
-NGP Team Profile: Paolo Sabbatini
-Policies Affecting the Domestic Production of Grapes and Wine in the United States
-Yeast Selection Trials for Cold-Hardy Grapes
-Upcoming Events

Northern Grapes News Vol 1, Issue 2 May 18, 2012 

2012May18Newsletter THUMB-What are Northern Grapes?
-Northern Grapes Project Launched at MGGA’s Cold Climate Conference
-Economics and Marketing Team Survey Reminder
-Vineyard Studies: Improving Management Practices for Northern Grapes
-NGP Team Profile: Katie Cook
-Upcoming Events



Northern Grapes News Vol 1, Issue 1 Feb. 23, 2012

Feb23Newsletter THUMB-Introducing the Northern Grapes Project
-‘Managing Acidity in the Winery’ Kicks Off Northern Grapes Webinar Series
-Baseline Survey Slated for this Spring

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